To book a Story event

To book a Story event

To book a Story event

To book a Story event


To book a Story event

Our Work

Story Shows

We make our Stories and books interesting through colourful puppets presented along with our unique Music based Audio stories.


We tickle the senses of young children and make it a memorable birthday celebration through Stories/ Craft and Puppet shows.

School Sessions

We ignite the spark of reading among school children through our 40 minutes story sessions and puppet shows.

Parenting Sessions

Our parenting session has been helping parents in knowing the best methods to introduce reading to children from an early age.

Training program

We train teachers in the Art of effective Storytelling in classroom. This also helps them in better communication with the class and also simplifying lessons.

Special Session

We are associated with various NGOs for Storytelling. We believe that stories are the best gift to bring smiles on the faces of children/people .

About Us


To Raise readers. In the gadget soaked generation, get children back to books and make them fall in love with reading.


We are Storytellers. We create stories, craft them into beautiful books, support them with music based audio stories and present them to young children through puppet shows. This develops a keen interest in books and reading which helps children enhance their listening skills, pronunciation, narration, voice modulation, reading and helps overcome gadget addiction. And to put the concept across we also host sessions for Parents and teachers on “Raising Readers”.

What Parents Think


Dr. Shweta Singh
Director, Storyteller, Author, Parenting Blogger

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Sanika Singh
Puppeteer and Event Organiser

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Harsha Soni
Content developer and Storyteller

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Archana Singh

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Chand Verma

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Ekta Kinra
Reading expert

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“Sometimes a break from the routine is all we need”. The way office goers need a break from their work similarly mommies need a break from mothering duties. Believing in the same, last week I took my first solo break ever. On my flight from Jaipur, the lady next to me...

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Developing Religious Tolerance among Children

Wanting to raise him as a “Humanist”,and making him believe that we can and we must create a meaning and purpose in life,never did I tell my son which religion we belonged to. The attempt was not to make him an atheist or agnostic but letting him know that...

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