At Diwali Puja
Wanting to raise him as a “Humanist”,and making him believe that we can and we must create a meaning and purpose in life,never did I tell my son which religion we belonged to. The attempt was not to make him an atheist or agnostic but letting him know that irrespective of which religion you follow the teaching remains the same which is “Be Good and Do Good”.

But now that he is five and reasons out everything,he questioned me yesterday that why do we do Diwali Puja? He said, “I have never seen you do Puja for Christmas then why Diwali?” His question puzzled me but it also gave me a sense of relief that till now I had managed to raise him in a neutral world where he finds himself to be an equal part of all the cultures. Trying to make sense with my answer,I said,”We do this because everyone at our home believes in it and they enjoy it more when we are a part of their celebrations,the same way as we enjoy it more when they become a part of our celebrations”.

For me making him a part of the Puja and performing all the rituals was more to develop religious tolerance and a respect for others’ belief than anything else.