What an irony, in spite of the education system evolving by leaps and bounds over a decade, there is tremendous increase in anxiety and stress among parents related to schooling. This article is not to judge any school and I am not trying to be biased, but it is put together based on my experiences and as an answer to all the moms who often ask me as to which school is “The Best”.

To begin with, what is “Best”? When I googled the meaning of best, Cambridge dictionary said that best means being the most suitable. So a best school for me would mean the most suitable school for My Child. There are endless options available but still most of us are stuck to only a few. And if the child does not qualify into the most desired option, we dishearten him/her even before they begin. There is one child travelling 15kms East to West for the best school, while another, travelling an equal distance in opposite direction for the same reason and yet not satisfied at times. Why one mom praises a school to no limits but another has horrifying experiences about the same? It is because every child is unique, has different needs and interests and learns differently.

Some kids aTestTakerNervousCartoon-e1338560622131re sharp learners, can rote learn anything and enjoy being surrounded by books while there are some who might not enjoy the classroom experience after an hour or two and need an outdoor activity. One child might hate his travel to school and get depressed at the start of each day while another might look forward to spending some time in a school bus, talking to friends. One child might not be too fond of his class teacher as she thinks he is a slow learner while another might love the same teacher for the way she interacts.

Like Jobs are for us, similarly schools are a very different experience for each child and they need to be chosen wisely. Not going by which school’s name is a bigger Brand but by what the child needs and wants. We must always remember that schools are just a part of a child’s day. Other than that there are many other activities, home environment and interaction with people which influences their learning, behaviour and development. So instead of going with where everyone else is sending their child or with the school which is “COOL”, it is better to look for a school which has activities and teaching methods that are of the child’s interest.

We get to hear of many children from the government schools who go to a decent college and end up getting jobs at par with children from public schools. And hardly ever the children or the parents of these schools criticize the schools or method of teaching. Unlike many public school parents who have more options available and much more money to spend on child’s education but still not happy with the education imparted.

Hence,to find the most suitable School, it is important to do an unbiased survey based on the child’s needs, making sure that each day is a pleasant learning experience.