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“Sometimes a break from the routine is all we need”.IMG-20160207-WA0030-1

The way office goers need a break from their work similarly mommies need a break from mothering duties. Believing in the same, last week I took my first solo break ever. On my flight from Jaipur, the lady next to me asked if I was on a work trip or was I going to meet my relatives? And when I said,”None, I am on a holiday to Goa”. Her eyes opened wide wanting to say,are you crazy, Holiday can never be alone….
Though it wasn’t really solo, as I was joined by two of my friends from Mumbai but believe me it was three days of complete bliss. For the first time the three of us decided to leave our kids and husbands behind and travel. Surrounded by immense calmness, we sat by the sea for hours with no recipes or daily household chores crossing our minds.




We watched movies without being interrupted. Sitting by the waves, watching the sun go down, reading, writing, listening to music, we truly celebrated life.

It was an awesome experience that I would recommend to every mom. Take a break to be with yourself and you will feel rejuvenated. And when you will come back, your children will be even more excited to see you and be with you.