Last week me and my five year old son had to travel back to back to meet a few relatives. Considering all the ways to travel,with mutual consent we both opted for train rides,and I am glad that we did that. Not that it was the first time that we were travelling together by train,but surely this time I was more relaxed and managing him better than ever before.

I would like to share a few things that helped me the most in making it the best journey so far…

    • Keeping him sleep deprived– Yes,you got it right. This might sound like being a cruel mom but trust me it is the best that you can do for the child,for yourself as well as for the co-passengers. The night before the journey I play a lot with him so that his sleeping hours are reduced and sleep accompanies him to the train. This has never failed in past 5 years. It gets him excited about the extra games that he gets to play a night before and also 2-3 hours go very peacefully with the baby cuddled up.


    • Play Doh- It is a great way to keep children creatively engaged for a long time. Carry with you clay of various colors and let them make exciting things. You can also play guess game with it, where they make something and you guess and vice versa. You can carry other travel friendly board games as-well.



  • Read together- Children love bonding with their mumma and reading a book while on chuk-chuk train. This is also a way of letting them know that reading is a great way to keep yourself entertained while travelling.



  • Let them observe- Children are very curious and travelling is the best way to show them and make them learn new things. Ask them to look outside the window and ask you five questions which you need to answer and later you ask them five questions which they have to answer. This way they not only learn to observe,ask questions but also get to learn ten new things.

  • Last but not the least,carry enough yummy things to eat. As nothing other than food can entertain a hungry child.