Children have their unique ways of doing things and when an adult becomes a party to their crazy ideas they love it the most. Such was Diwali for us this year. Since Diwali is alot about Lakshmi Pooja (Goddess of wealth) we started our party with a round of board game-Monopoly. Swiping ATM cards over the electronic machine, lot of purchasing and selling happened for over an hour. After which we moved onto our next activity of “Diwali wishing”. They were given two bags, one filled with chocolates and the other was empty. They were supposed to go to every appartment, wish the family Happy Diwali, offer them their chocolates and in return ask them to put a chocolate in their empty bag. What an experience it was, four children visiting 15 different families. Everyone had their unique reaction. Some offered them sweets, some clicked pictures with them and some overfilled their empty chocolate bag in return. Once they were back home, they had so many experiences to share that we organised a Quiz game (Kaun Banega Crorepati) with them. In which one of the child became the quiz master and one by one others had to be on the hot seat and answer the questions asked based on their experiences from different houses. By now they were hungry and a bit tired too, so we moved onto the Diwali party meal for them and a movie on Netflix.
That was our fun, creative and full of laughter Diwali for 2018, would love to hear how you celebrated your unique Diwali! 🙂